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The Guardian archive

Some of these articles are written under the alias ‘Malik Fareed’. (It’s a long story).

Film: Disney targets Asia
The Guardian | 13 October 2008
An enchanted vegetable may not be your typical Disney character, but the American company is hoping that it could be an Asian equivalent of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. More

Blogosphere: Voices of opposition
The Guardian | 29 September 2008
The tension between Malaysian authorities and the country’s raucous online media was heightened last week with the indefinite imprisonment of the prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin More

China joins a turf war
The Guardian | 22 September 2008
Online, astroturfing – whereby stealth PR tactics are passed off as grassroots enthusiasm for a product or candidate – is flourishing. More

Fashion fad masks panic
The Guardian | 4 April 2003
Behind the surgical masks bearing Burberry and Louis Vuitton logos, people in Hong Kong are growing increasingly worried about the spread of the Sars virus, writes Arun Sudhaman More


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