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Making social networks pay off
Media Asia | 18 June 2009
With Twitter struggling to develop a profitable business model, could Asian social networking sites teach their Western counterparts a thing or two about monetisation? more

Reaching a billion Muslims
Media Asia | 21 May 2009
Marketers should drop their safety-first approach and engage at a much deeper level with the region’s growing Islamic community. More

Live Issue…LG, Samsung face up to transparency problems
Media Asia | 9 April 2009
Korea’s electronic giants are seeking to upgrade their PR capabilites as they look to overseas markets. More

Researchers feel the heat of recession
Media Asia | 9 April 2009
Market research companies in the region are being put under increased scrutiny as key clients start to pull back spend and demand even greater value for money. More

Recession bodes well for China’s global march
Media Asia | 26 March 2009
The global economic downturn could be an unexpected opportunity for those Chinese brands looking to act on their growing international ambitions. More


Written by Arun Sudhaman

December 17, 2009 at 1:01 pm

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