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Analysis: The rise of the social media client

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It was a simple enough idea. The head of community management at a major broadcasting corporation decided to launch an internal newsletter focused on the organisation’s social media initiatives. Before he could, though, came the rather brusque message from his colleagues in the branding team: “You don’t own social media!”

Many digital executives will recognise the story, demonstrating as it does the peculiar mix of politicking and bureaucracy that can bedevil efforts to integrate social media oversight into large corporate organisations. While a head of social media is rapidly becoming a must-have accessory for a range of different companies, the responsibilities in question can present a thorny challenge for corporate cultures that are often innately conservative – and prone to infighting. Read the rest of this entry »


McDonald’s social media chief: “How do we react to our critics?”

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Rick Wion (@rdublife) became McDonald’s first director of social media when he departed GolinHarris earlier this year. He tells the Holmes Report why PR people must focus on transparency and trust if they are to lead social media, particularly if they are to respond effectively to online criticism. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Arun Sudhaman

June 11, 2010 at 11:13 am