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Restaurants thank Shel Israel for the plug

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We interviewed social media specialist Shel Israel at a Lewis PR event and, like a seasoned media veteran, he opted for controversy in this video.

Specifically, he said that PR people need to stop using social media as a pitching mechanism, and embrace the conversational and listening aspects. He namechecked the likes of Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel as people that get it right.

Those that don’t, he said, will soon be working in the ‘restaurant service industry’. Who knows, they might make more money over there. Obviously, this is going to get a bit of attention. But I think most good PR people understand Shel’s point only too well by now. And those that don’t are supported by a media landscape that is still largely skewed towards offline, one-way content.

BTW, what is with all of the social media events at the moment? I counted four major events that are taking place in a 2-week window in November. I find it hard to believe the industry can sustain this many…!


Written by Arun Sudhaman

November 14, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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