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The Big Idea

The Big Idea

Over the last three months I’ve been lucky enough to work on a project for PRWeek that has been truly eye-opening. Called The Big Idea, the project is best described as an experiment to see how different types of agencies respond to an integrated brief.

First, we needed to find the right brief. The NSPCC indicated its interest and, through the tireless efforts of its director of comms John Grounds and his team, we managed to turn the concept into reality through its Helpline marketing campaign.

Then we needed agencies from different disciplines, willing to pitch for no guaranteed reward. Each of the agencies has taken part in video interviews here, explaining why they should win.

The pitch itself was fascinating, with each contender approaching a tough brief from very different perspectives. It is a little sad that there can only be one winner, which was Porter Novelli. The feature here explains why they won in full detail.

Overall, the exercise demonstrated to me that there really is no one discipline that has a monopoly over brand ideas. No doubt there will be plenty of comment about who won and lost. Ultimately, the process raises as many questions as it answers, but I do hope that it might question some prevailing attitudes about who can and can’t do what.

For clients and agencies with a modicum of daring, this should be of little concern. It is people trying to protect outdated processes that have most to fear. And, perhaps, that counts for the media that cover them too.


Written by Arun Sudhaman

September 24, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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